Gulfood @Dubai

We are exhibiting at Dubai’s world’s largest food festival.

from Japan to Dubai

Hello world!

We will exhibit at Gulfood 2023, the world’s largest food festival, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on February 20~24.

Dubai is a city where people gather from all over the world and various cultures mix.

matcha is surprisingly pervasive there. In fact, the consumption of tea in Japan in the UAE is increasing year by year, and matcha is appreciated as “good for health”.

 We would like to prove to the people who gather in the desert city that our green Japanese herb matcha can be accepted and that people around the world can be energized by Japanese traditional herb matcha.

Japanese traditional herbs are an important resource for Japan.

Let the world know about Japanese traditional herbs and find their value.

As our mission, we will take the first step.

 Gulfood 2023